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We realize that we are only as strong as we are interactive with our members and to that end, we are inviting our followers and readers to write for us. If you write for us – we will make sure to share your blog posts across our social media platforms. As a writer for TopFiveTraders.com, you will reach like minded traders and this could be your opportunity to show everyone how skilled you are when it comes to buying and selling equities.

We ask that you respect the following guidelines when submitting a post:

1)  Disclose if you hold a position in the equity or option that you are blogging about.
2)  Do not defame, degrade or slander anyone or any company.

TopFiveTraders.com does not claim ownership of any blog post submitted by a blogger so you are solely responsible for any lawsuit that might arise from something written.

We reserve the right to remove all posts that we find problematic or offensive.

It is easy as 1.2.3 to write you post and have it appear instantly on the site in our free section. The headline of the post should appear in the subject line of the email and the body of the email will be the post and it will appear as typed. If you would like to include images, please make sure to frame them in the submission email you send to us. Every post needs to be signed off with your name (or screen name). Get started today!  Submit your article here!