Tim Sykes is The King of Day Trading

The King of Day Trading is our number one trader – Join us today and learn from his trading tactics

Tim Sykes is world renowned as the King of Day Trading. We think his skills are some of the best in the business and we recommend that everyone consider buying Tim’s courses to get a solid grounding in day trading.  He is a self-made millionaire trader who profits from and teaches the ins and out of the penny and small cap stocks. His students have now made over $16 million!

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Paul Scolardi is The Stock Superman

Paul Scolardi is a veteran small cap swing trader who focuses on buying stocks with explosive potential. More often than not, he can spot momentum before others which are why his students love his alerts and research.

Get Superman’s weekly video lessons and research reports to stay on top of the market. He will teach you how to accumulate a good position in a high beta stock without putting your capital at risk.

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Triforce Trader is the hottest name in trading right now.

Triforce is a trading handle with a great rep and anyone who knows and follows this young superstar of trading has made some big money in the last couple years. Trading multiple sectors and financial instruments he achieved almost a 600% return in 2014 and 100% return in 2015. Now he shares all his patterns, rules, lessons, and proprietary algorithms with his subscribers that helped him surpass $1 million in profits.

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Benefit from the experience of The TradeXchange gurus

Another great trading guru for our readers is The TradeXchange. This group of traders are on the mark on a regular basis and we invite all our readers to check out their services today.

The TradeXhange provides real time information and high priority news impacting the industry.  We focus on Option activity, insider transactions and company filings, SmartFiltered Social media news, Volatility and Volume Alerts, and Desk Chatter.  We utilized numerous sources and technologies to deliver the information in a low latency, easy access environment.

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Tom McCarthy From PrePromotion Stocks Has a System That Rocks!

Former stock promoter Tom McCarthy retired from the dishonest, corrupt penny stock promotion industry in the fall of 2010 and began teaching students how to profit from stock promotions.

Using his 8 years experience as an Internet stock promoter, Tom is almost always among the very first traders to spot the biggest stock promotion campaigns. For example, when Lithium Exploration Group (OTC: LEXG) first started trading he bought shares as low as $1.05 and was later mentioned in an LEXG article by for having “remarkable timing.”

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