Tim Sykes is The King of Day Trading

The King of Day Trading is our number one trader – Join us today and learn from his trading tactics

Tim Sykes is world renowned as the King of Day Trading. We think his skills are some of the best in the business and we recommend that everyone consider buying Tim’s courses to get a solid grounding in day trading.  He is a self-made millionaire trader who profits from and teaches the ins and out of the penny and small cap stocks. His students have now made over $16 million!

See what his students have to say about him:

When I first came across Tim Sykes I was deeply skeptical of his strategy. But Tim’s strategy works — since June 2008 I have averaged trading profits of over $100,000 per year and I have been successful enough so I now moderate Tim’s chatroom

Michael Goode aka Reaper

Since I have been a TIM Trading Challenge member I am up from $3,500 to nearly $85,000, nd am working full time. The lessons taught in your DVDs and video lessons have enabled me to profit.

Stephen Baldwin

Tim, you are a pioneer, thank you for all u do for me and everyone else. Close to $75,000 profits now in 7 months!

Bob Garret

Using Tim’s alerts can be a great way to learn for beginners. I have done quite well trading stocks and setups that he brought to my attention

Lx21, #1 Trader On Profit.ly

I started a month ago and so far I have about $3000 in profits. Most crucial of all is Tim has helped me look at his strategy from a different angle, this guy is for real!!

Dave S.

As of today, my profits are around $40,000 since being in the Tim Challenge. I am extremely thankful

Asheya Burton

I am already up $8,000 with my measly $3,000 account and I have learned so much from you by being on the challenge.


TIMAlerts is great! The watch list helps to understand Tim’s strategy and it will show you that IT WORKS.

Ignacio Lucero

Great bang for your buck, Probably the best strategy/service for growing accounts that I have used in the past.


There truly is no one quite like Tim. Bottom line, if you want to learn about penny stocks from someone with a keen grasp on this sector then he is your man. He is honest and very open.

Frank D