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MEG was alerted by us @ $4.23 on July 19th

MEG Energy is a pure play Canadian oil sands producer engaged in exploration in Northern Alberta. All of its oil reserves are more than 1,000 feet (300 m) below the surface and so they depend on steam-assisted gravity drainage and associated technology to produce (heavy bitumen must first be brought to the surface). The company’s main thermal project is Christina Lake. 85-megawatt cogeneration plants are used to produce the steam used in SAGD which is required to bring bitumen to the surface. The excess heat and electricity produced at its plants is then sold to Alberta’s power grid. Its proven reserves have been independently pegged at 1.7 billion barrels (270×106 m3) and probable reserves (also called recoverable resource) 3.7 billion barrels (590×106 m3) (by engineering firm GLJ Petroleum Consultants Ltd [1]); That’s significant considering only 300 billion barrels (48×109 m3) of the 1.6 trillion barrels (250×109 m3) of bitumen in Alberta is considered recoverable under current technology.[3] The value of those reserves is over $19.8 billion.[4] CNOOC has a minority 16.69% interest in MEG Energy.[5]

CGI was alerted by us on July 18th @ $4.12

Celadon Group, Inc. (, through its subsidiaries, provides long haul, regional, local, dedicated, intermodal, temperature-protect, flatbed, and expedited freight service across the United StatesCanada, and Mexico. The Company also owns Celadon Logistics Services, which provides freight brokerage services, freight management, as well as supply chain management solutions, including logistics, warehousing, and distribution.

LUN (on Toronto) was alerted by us @ $8.11 on July 16th.

Lundin Mining is a diversified Canadian base metals mining company with operations in Chile, the United States of America, Portugal, and Sweden, primarily producing copper, nickel and zinc. In addition, Lundin Mining holds an indirect 24 percent equity stake in the Freeport Cobalt Oy business, which includes a cobalt refinery located in Kokkola, Finland.

AMX was alerted on July 11th @ $16.70


América Móvil is a Mexican telecommunications corporation headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico. It is the fourth largest mobile network operator in terms of equity subscribers and one of the largest corporations in the world.

We alerted AAOI on July 11th @ $70.0

Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AOI) is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced optical products, including components, modules, and equipment. AOI’s products are the building blocks for broadband fiber access networks around the world, where they are used in the internet data center, CATV broadband, fiber-to-the-home and telecom markets. AOI supplies optical networking lasers, components and equipment to tier-1 customers in all four of these markets. In addition to its corporate headquarters, wafer fab and advanced engineering and production facilities in Sugar Land, TX, AOI has engineering and manufacturing facilities in Taipei, Taiwan, and Ningbo, China.


This week – NASDAQ crossed 6000 and investors greeted the move with a yawn.  The index which is laden with tech names turned the industrial and bank Trump rally on its head by closing at new record highs just yesterday. Technology stocks which are not direct beneficiaries of Trump’s heavy industry protectionism have found a way to prosper. AMZN ($909.29), GOOG ($871.73) and CSCO ($33.40) have been big beneficiaries of this powerful move higher. The only thing that could derail this tech love in would be a rate hike and that doesn’t seem to the case. Trump is in love with a lower dollar to help the steels and other industries so look for more upside on some of these NASDAQ heavyweights.


The market has been flip-flopping all over the place in the last few weeks but the real traders keep making big money through some smart moves. The King of Day Trading is Tim Sykes and he is one guy you can follow on a daily basis to help you add major cash to your account. On Friday – Sykes scored a gain of 25.2% on AKTX. These kind of gains are the norm from this experienced day trading guru. We recommend his courses to everyone and we think that if you study his methods you can prosper in the day trading industry just the thousands of Sykes’ students who have come before you


The market saw a ferocious President come out today when President Trump took center stage and signed an executive order benefiting the steel industry. In his bid to Make America Great Again – Trump signed his order with the steel industry front and center for the world to see. Steel stocks on Wall Street reacted immediately to the signing of the order and jumped. X moved 7% on the day and closed @ $30.51. This move in steel stocks is the perfect example of a new super cycle and it is not impossible that we could see X trade past $35.00 in the next 180 days. Keep X and steel stocks as watch as the Trump Presidency plays out.


Making money as a day trader doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. The idea that you can use your head to outsmart the market appeals to many but very few of those people want to put in the time to learn to earn. Gurus like Tim Sykes and Paul Scolardi have their own systems in place that you can learn from and sign up for their courses can help you get that upper hand to turn your day trading into a moneymaker. Don’t forget to invest in top of the line computers and software when setting up day trading area in your home. Great tools can make the difference especially when it comes to charting. Make 2017 your best trading year ever – success is within your grasp.