Benefit from the experience of The TradeXchange gurus

Another great trading guru for our readers is The TradeXchange. This group of traders are on the mark on a regular basis and we invite all our readers to check out their services today.

The TradeXhange provides real time information and high priority news impacting the industry.  We focus on Option activity, insider transactions and company filings, SmartFiltered Social media news, Volatility and Volume Alerts, and Desk Chatter.  We utilized numerous sources and technologies to deliver the information in a low latency, easy access environment.

The TradeXchange was created by experienced and seasoned Capital Markets professionals. The Managing Partners of the TradeXcange have spent the better part of the last 20 years involved in every aspect of the industry including Hedge Funds, Trading, Analytics and technology.  The objective of the company is to provide each subscriber a valuable and cost effective method of delivering real-time news and information that could impact a particular equity, equity derivative, futures, commodities, and macro based indices.